SSL on <branch>.<subdomain>


I have a domain bought through netlify, and I have a repo which is deployed to a subdomain;
SSL works great for this.

I have also set up a staging branch, which is deployed to
SSL is not working here however.

Is this something you can help me out with?
Please reach out in DM if you need domain / account details.

Thanks in advance!

Would really appreciate some support on this one! :slight_smile:

Hey there,
We’d love to help and sorry we’ve kept you waiting 3 days! Have you followed the instructions here?

We will need to know the real branch.subdomain.domain.tld to add to your cert.

Thanks for your reply Jen. :slight_smile:
Maybe I was a bit unclear, but in the first sentence in my post I wrote that the domain was bought through Netlify. And as far as I can tell, the guide you are linking to is for domains bought elsewhere, where you need to setup DNS. :slight_smile:

the real domain where SSL is not working is:

Again, thanks!

Hi, @pnoxseth, I do see this domain correctly configured and using Netlify DNS.

You should be able to add the branch subdomain to the site (and then get the SSL certificate updated to include it) by adding the branch subdomain under Site Name > Settings > Domain management > Branch subdomains in our web app.

Have you testing adding the subdomain there? After adding the branch subdomain, then scroll down to the HTTPS section and click the “Renew certificate” button.

If that doesn’t work for any reason, please let us know.