SSL Error: Hostname/IP does not match certificate's altnames

I recently had my domain name pointed to another deployment. I deleted that deployment and created a CNAME value for my netlify app ( I am now receiving this error “Hostname/IP does not match certificate’s altnames: Host: is not in the cert’s altnames: DNS:*,

hi there, who is the DNS provider for these domains? is it netlify?

while we wait, you might look through this listing and see if there is anything useful in here:

I’m using Google Domains.

if google domains is the domain name server for your custom domains that are linked to netlify, unfortunately we can’t be of much help. You will need to work with google to get this figured out, i am afraid.

The DNS has already propagated. It seems like it’s an SSL certificate error. Is there any way to reset the Let’s Encrypt certificate?

Hey there, @jfr956 :wave:

Sorry for the obstacles here. Our team discovered an error with creating new SSL certificates has implemented a fix. This may have impacted what you were trying to do as well.

Please see this forum post for next steps if you are struggling to get a certificate created: Cannot provision cert because domain "doesn't appear to be served by Netlify"

If this does not solve what you are facing please reply here and we can continue working on this with you. Thanks!

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