SSL certificate branch deploy addition

My site is sad-pasteur-264440 (aka
I recently enabled branch deploys (with git branch “stage”). The site is up at and I’ve also added a ALIAS (or should it be CNAME?) DNS record to point to
Can you please have my SSL certificate extended to include the “stage” subdomain?

Many thanks!

You would need to remove the cloudflare proxy from in front of your main site to enable us to add that hostname to the certificate. Right now we cannot renew the certificate at all, due to your cloudflare configuration, which sends web traffic to cloudflare, not to us directly:

$ host has address has address has IPv6 address 2606:4700:20::681a:45b has IPv6 address 2606:4700:20::681a:55b

This article has more information about the problems and how to fix: [Common Issue] Why isn’t my SSL certificate provisioning automatically with Cloudflare & Netlify? Are there other problems with using Cloudflare in front of Netlify?

Let me know if you can remove than, and then I can get that alias added to the certificate for you.