Add SSL to my branch deploy

Hi, please, can you add my branch deploy url to the SSL certificate? the url is

I dont use Netlify DNS, I use cloudflare, the branch deploy is working I just need the SSL certificate on it, thanks in advance.

hey @tech,

are you planning on using branch subdomains for your site? If yes, then you would need a wildcard cert which isn’t something we can provide for you if you aren’t using our DNS.

Hi @perry, I just need SSL for 1 branch, in my case just stage branch. my Idea is have the production and the stage branch, thanks.

hi tech, we have extended SSL to the stage branch :smiley:

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Really thanks, do you know if it will be lost if I deploy new changes on the branch?

no, you can change all of your content if you like, the SSL cert will stay in place :+1:

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Perfect, really thanks.

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Hi @perry I updated my domain and now I need to do the same, add for the SSL to there live my branch domain now, thanks in advance.

Hi, @tech. We’ve made updated the SSL certificate to include instead now. If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

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Really thanks @luke :slight_smile:

@perry can this be done on a site I manage as well? I only need it for a staging branch (

Hey there, @matthewamundson :wave:

We have extended the SSL certificate to this staging branch. Thanks for reaching out!

I need one as well, for

thank you

@heyfam ,

sorry we were slow to respond, but maybe you already saw that we extended this yesterday.

Could you add it for me too please for the domain

hi there, we took care of this for you!

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Could you add it for me too please for the domain

Hi @tangent-q , :wave:t6: Welcome back to the forums! We’re glad you are here. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: We have extended the SSL for your branch deploy. I wanted to mention that your DNS is misconfigured to not have any record for so the certificate does not cover that anymore. I’d recommend that you repair your misconfiguration and then visit our UI. You can update your certificate to include that name again. I hope this helps! Happy building. :netliconfetti:

Thanks @SamO , i will look into it.

I think i fixed the issue with record of Could you fix the certificate of it. Currently i get cert issue upon curl -i ''