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Splats in Redirect Not Working. What Am I doing Wrong?


I am trying to configure a splat redirect in my _redirects file on a project.

I’ve set up the following:

/news/     /resources/news-events/
/news/*   /resources/news-events/news/:splat

The first works as expected:

However when I try a URL that would match the splat pattern I am getting a 404:

I’ve also tried /news/:splat /resources/news-events/news/:splat without any luck. Can anyone point out what I might be doing wrong? I have a variety of other redirects that also work, but none of them use the splat feature.

Thanks in advance for any insight provided!

Welcome to the forums @Riley

The redirects are correct.

You want
to redirect to

If I navigate directly to the latter https://ts3d-site.netlify.app/resources/news-events/news/tech-soft-3d-innovation-lab-showcases-advanced-3d-applications I am greeted with

If I land on the https://ts3d-site.netlify.app/resources/news-events/ page, and navigate to the article it works. If I refresh the page while on it, I am again greeted with the same 404 page.

Given you are using NuxtJS, and everything is statically rendered, I’m not sure why there is (apparently) an issue with page routing.

Even running

curl -IL 'https://www.techsoft3d.com/resources/news-events/news/tech-soft-3d-innovation-lab-showcases-advanced-3d-applications'
# or
curl -IL 'https://www.techsoft3d.com/resources/news-events/news/tech-soft-3d-innovation-lab-showcases-advanced-3d-applications/'

results in a 404.

Thanks a bunch for ruling out the error being on the redirect formation. I had completely overlooked some route generation for the updated structure. Resolved!

Again, many thanks coelmay!