Speeding up netlify-plugin-checklinks

I’m working on a client site where we’d like to check for broken links before a deploy completes. I’ve been using the netlify-plugin-checklinks plugin but it’s adding 6 or 7 minutes to each deploy, which is more then doubling the length of time it takes to deploy.

Any tips on speeding this up or alternatives that are more performant?

Long term, I’m considering moving builds and tests to something like CircleCI and then just pushing final product to Netlify but I’d love to get this working faster on Netlify’s platform in the meantime if possible.

Hey there, @Cameron_Childress :wave:

Sorry for the delayed response here. Can you please share your Netlify site name as well as your deploy logs? Additionally, are you using the Essential Next.js plugin?

No, this is on a VueJS / Nuxt site. site name is “regalassets-monarch”

interesting - how large is the site?

you might get in touch with the plugin author and let them know this is something you are experiencing, they might have more advice for you than we can offer. You can click the link in the UI that looks like this: