Snippet injection Improvement

The current Post processing > Snippet injection is great and useful but it could be much better if the users could simply choose a specific URL or page to inject codes. The current options to inject codes to the header or the body is good enough.

Add an option to choose between “All website” or “Specific page(s)”.

Hey @Yoav,
Thanks for this suggestion. I imagine that if I file this feature request, I will get the question: if you only want the script on a few specific pages, why not add it to those one or two pages manually?

So can you elaborate on the problem you’d want to solve with the ability to inject snippets more granularly, i.e., to more than 1 page but fewer than all pages?

Hi Jen,

Thank you for your reply!

The simple reason for my suggestion is how simple the snippet injection was made in the UI. Sometimes, you just want to add specific scripts to specific pages but you are not willing to start coding, building or just not have this option to do so easily.

Not really, just having the choice to specifically pintpoint pages (or URLs for that matter) wil do the trick, nothing that fancy.

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Makes sense, thanks for clarifying :slight_smile: I’ll file the feature request and if it’s implemented, we’ll follow up here. Others who are interested in this should “heart” the post or add a comment in support, which will help us track interest.

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Thank you so much Jen!