Slow page speed from lottie animation - Text-based resources should be served with compression (gzip)

Hello there.

I am having a little trouble with a lottie animation I hired someone to make for me.

The problem is this:

I have turned on Asset Optimization but when I check the network tab I have the lottie js file as a code 200 and also as a 304. One was cached and encoded, but the other one was not.

Is this something I can fix through Netlify or do I need to go back to my graphics guy?

Site name :

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

That error is complaining about the file not being served over GZip or Brotli. Netlify applies those compressions by default, but the JSON file is being served from:, and that server is not applying those compressions. If you host the JSON on Netlify, I believe the compression could be achieved.

With that being said, the file takes 0.25 seconds to download (TTFB + download):

Iā€™d personally not worry about it.