Slow Network Requests


Hello, I have used Netlify for many years for various companies and highly recommend you to my clients. I have never seen this issue before, however we just launched and are seeing incredibly slow network request times which is very problematic.

Network requests from the work perfectly but from our custom domain they are going on 10+ seconds per request. The server is sending requests back in milliseconds but this is preventing our site from launching

Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated

Attached is a screenshot of a few network requests going out

Hey there, @systems :wave:

Thanks for reaching out. Can you send us a full replication of the issue that is happening? What exact steps should we take to see this issue on our end?

The issues reproduces in making any type of network request out however the site is password protected. I am trying to updgrad to a paid plan to access email support on this but it will not let me upgrade the account as it says my account is not activated.

You’re talking to the same people here you would be talking to with paid support; you just get to talk in email instead of in public. :slight_smile:

We expect any requests behind any non-JWT auth to be very slow, because they cannot be cached on our CDN nodes. Every request has to go to the origin, where it is authenticated, and then the asset has to be sent from our backing store, to the CDN node, where it is sent (only) to the browser, and not cached, so the next time, it will be just as slow.

If you’d like to try it without auth and you find it slow, happy to advise further!

Thanks for the response!

What I’m confused on here is that I use the same same stack and in this case same codebase (its a simple clone here) as on other projects and the request times are dramatically different.

I’ve have another project configured the same way on netlify with a few subdomains all making authenticated requests to a load balanced server on AWS and the requests finish in miliseconds.

For this site at mybizheadlaw, everything is set up the same way and the codebase is a simple clone of the other project but requests are taking a much longer time to finish.

Is it possible I’m missing something in the DNS configuration?

One thing to also note is that when using postman (or a local environment) to make requests to the production server they come back in around 100 milliseconds.

The request time is only slow from

We need to be able to see this issue. So, either:

  1. Share a HAR file capturing this issue
  2. Share some test credentials that we can use to login and check this behaviour.

Yes, attached is a HAR file showing the network request times coming in at around 6 seconds each

Please let me know what we can do here.

Thank you!

(Attachment is missing)

EDIT: The .har file did send in the email response but it looks like it is not showing up here. Are you able to view it from the email? On the forums it says unauthorized attachment

Hmm, yes, we didn’t receive it. Could you put it in a fileshare like google drive for us to download from please?

Yes, here is a link where you can download the file.

You’ll see many requests taking between 8 and 9 seconds to come back in many cases and the server is sending back the responses in milliseconds. Many of the requests are returning little to no data as well so the size of the request should not be an issue.

Can you merge — Image assets loading slowly or not at all (502) ?

It is not kind to spam here, but I need to launch Ad campaign soon, but my images are loading very slowly or not loading at all. I would like to know — Did support read the problem? This problem occurs only on Netlify. I would like you to take measures as soon as possible. I think that it affects a lot of people.

Hello @systems - Thank you for sending over the link.

Reviewing your site, I see it is password protected. In your current configuration, this means all images will load from our Origin, which might likely be why you are seeing the images load more slowly.

Be aware, with basic-auth or site-wide password protection, all requests go to our west-coast US origin server as every request needs to be authenticated. If you require password protection in production but would like your requests to utilize our CDN, you could achieve this by using JWTs. Removing basic-auth/site-wide password protection will allow your site to utilize our CDN.

On this end the image loading is the not problem it is the network requests to our API.

What I don’t understand is I have used netlify on over a dozen different softwares that follow the exact same configuration and this has never been an issue before. They all run the same session based authentication across the board, hit a Node JS backend hosted on AWS and run incredibly quickly with the network requests taking about .2 - .5 seconds a piece (or less in many cases)

mybizheadlaw is actually an exact clone of one of them and this issue does not persist on the original version.

All of the sites use the Netlify DNS and create react app but this has never been an issue before. Hitting the server with the same requests locally or through post man return almost instantaneous requests even with session based authentication.

Is there anything that can be done here to speed up the request time? Again this has worked perfectly in the past and is currently working perfectly in other production environments with the same configuration as of today (confirmed multiple times since 5AM EST)

Hey there, @systems :wave:

Thanks for following up with those details. Unfortunately, the HAR file you shared does not contain any files served by Netlify. At this point for us to debug further we will need login credentials for your password protected site. Can you create this for us? If you can’t, we will need to see a reproduction site without login credentials so we can see the slow network requests.

Additonally, just a clarification about this:

That is true for: Password protection | Netlify Docs, not a custom implementation like yours.