[skip netlify] doesn't work for deploy preview

[skip netlify] doesn’t seem to work for pull request deploy previews.

The site is katex.netlify.app (f868b1d7-3130-44e8-ae1b-640f4ed3e401) and example deploy is https://app.netlify.com/sites/katex/deploys/5f5c28e9b7adb50008bb0fab.

The pull request has a single commit with commit message [skip netlify].

Hmm. I think you have a different title for that commit:

Looks to me like it is: chore(deps): update dependency postcss-loader to v4.

Can you change that title? I think [skip netlify] will work if it is in that first line (or first commit, in a PR with multiple commits)

I meant the message body by commit message. According to the docs, it should work anywhere in the Git commit message:

Sometimes, you may want to push commits to your production branch without triggering a deploy on Netlify. To do this, add [skip ci] or [skip netlify] anywhere in the Git commit message.

After further investigation, it turns out it only works if the PR title includes [skip netlify]

I think docs should be updated or its detection should be updated.

thanks for letting us know, @ylemkimon!