Site will not show even after connecting domain and ssl

I cannot seem to get my site to load. My netlify domain loads up fine:
but my custom domain will not show the website:

I was having trouble getting it connected to Netlify but everything looks like its connected and the ssl says it is attached. The old site I’m replacing was made through wix and I disconnected the domain on wix but it still is showing me the error wix screen. I use Godaddy for my domain hosting and these are my dns records:

I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions if it is something on the Netlify end or something else.

Hiya @kkause and welcome to our community! I think SSL is working well on that site served by Netlify now - perhaps it was a DNS change propagation delay? That’s the usual cause of SSL-took-a-while-to-provision:

Please let me know in case you don’t see it working better for you now (and what URL you see the problem at, and what exact error message you get)