"Site this folder is linked to can't be found"

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I’m attempting to make Netlify-functions work. I have the netlify.toml file set appropriately. The Netlify environment uses the standard directory netlify/functions so I used that. Wondering what other angles I can take here.

Hi, @ArtisticDevelopment. I’m showing this in the netlify.toml file:

  functions = ".netlify/functions/"

The there are no directories with those names anywhere in the linked repo. The file cannot be found because it does not exist in your repo.

If you add the files to your repository, the error should stop occurring. If it does not or if there are other questions, please let us know.

I changed the netlify.toml and pushed to repo but still no changes. I’ve tested a lot of different combinations and read documentation. Nothing. If I attempt to use ntl init and set the config it says “site this folder is linked to cannot be found”.
That’s confusing because I’m able to use the Netlify website to pull from Github, but the netlify-cli isn’t working? Could this have an impact?

I’ve responded to this in the helpdesk, but to include that here, I’m not sure why you’re using ntl init. To link your site with CLI (which is not a requirement to test Functions by the way), you simply need to do ntl link.