Site showing Internal Server Error on opening

I’ve problem regarding my site It was working fine a few hours ago, but now that I open it, it is giving an Internal Server Error. Can someone please help me fix the problem.

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Something in Netlify is down. Just have to wait :confused:

Yes, it’s affecting all our sites, has more info

Hey there folks!

Thanks for sharing these. As @davesykeselateral shared, we have an open status page and will continue to update changes there.

Hi folks, thanks for following along here!

Our mitigation was not fully effective and we are seeing more latency, timeouts, and errors for serving uncached content, API responses, and builds for all customers. Our team is working hard on a fix.

As shared before, we will continue to update our status page:

I am going to close this current thread in order to streamline our support communications. If you have additional questions, please follow up here: [Incident] Netlify service outages affecting ability to depend on Netlify - please comment here - #13 by google5