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I have upload a new version of site but on the domain that is pointing to the site it still reflects the old site. This only happens in browsers where I have already visited the site. Please assist… As you can see in the link: the site goes correctly to but when I try going to then the old site is still showing.

Thank you in advance

Hi @StanderPM! Welcome to netlify community.

I investigated your issue and found that for some reason, your site’s SSL certificate had not been issued. I manually issued the certificate. I am wondering if this was part (or all) of the problem. Can you let us know if things are working as expected now?

Hi Laura, thank you so much it seems to be working now! Really appreciate it

Also, @StanderPM, the reason that old versions of the site might be cached sometimes is because the this site uses a service worker. There is more information about this in the following community topic:

(I checked and the site does use a service worker but I don’t know if that explains the issue you are seeing or not. It could be the cause though.)

Hi @luke the issue still remains. Yes I do understand service workers but even with manually deleting cache the old site still remains even-though I deleted pages those pages are still on the site. Really confused by this.

@StanderPM, would you please send us the x-nf-request-id header for an old version of the site loading? There is more information about how to find this header in the topic below:

Note, if the header isn’t available, would you please send us the following details to help us track down the HTTP request? Those detail are:

  • the complete URL requested
  • the IP address for the system making the request
  • the IP address for the CDN node that responded
  • the day of the request
  • the time of the request
  • the timezone the time is in

Again, the x-nf-request-id replaces that information above so there isn’t a need to send that if you send us the header.

These details will allow us to research this issue to find out why it is happening.

HI @luke, thank you for assisting so far… There is no x-nf-request-id header showing under my Headers. I know you don’t want screenshot but just showing that I am looking in the right place.

complete url:
ip address:
day of request: 14/01/2020
time of request: 9:46am
timezone: GMT +2

Hi @luke please have a look

is there a way of deleting previous deploys? Maybe that will work

I have found the issue, thank you for assisting

glad it is working! if you have a solution that might help other people, it would be fantastic if you could share it :slight_smile:

From the information above the thing that I find most notable is the IP address:


This is a private IP address. It isn’t routable via the internet (only on private networks) and Netlify will never respond from an IP address which begins with 192.168.*.*.

To summarize, the web server that responded wasn’t Netlify’s server.

This appears to have been caused by a local DNS configuration which is configured differently than the authoritative DNS servers for this domain name. I say “this appears” because this is a best guess based on limited information available to me.

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