Site is live, but sill blank screen (react app)

Your error is different. Check browser dev tools to see this:

You can possibly go to the links mentioned in the console and find what’s wrong with your app.
My site is showing blank screen…i have netlify.toml file and _redirects file as well still blank page…please help

In your package.json, change homepage to /.

thank you so much…it worked

make sure to to delete the html files in the public folder. These will override your pages.

hello, I’m having the same issue here. My react app works on localhost but I get a blank page once I upload to netlify
netlify app –
github – GitHub - mo-gbolahan/portfolio

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Did you try the solution that Luke shared above in this thread: Site is live, but sill blank screen (react app) - #21 by luke let us know if this didn’t work for you.

I am facing the same issue, my site is deployed at
However when I open it a blank screen appears, when I went to the console panel I noticed some errors 404.
Here are the images:

Please remove homepage from your package.json. same problem i’m getting blank screen when opening it
git hub repo-

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Did you try this? Site is live, but sill blank screen (react app) - #21 by luke

i did not understand what [luke] is saying :frowning:

@kkchad Your app loads for me, then crashes with the white screen, showing errors in the developer console:

The repository that you’ve linked to is likely set to private and currently shows as a 404.