Site doesn't exist

I am trying to make a site with my folder which has files like css.css html.html javascript.js
But after i drag and drop the folder and i change the site name,And at least i go to overview and click the site URL it doesn’t work :frowning:
Anyway to make it exist ?

As a test, have you tried creating a new site by dragging and dropping the same site folder, but without changing the site name?

If you do this, using the default site name provided, does your site appear as you expect it to?

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In fact i didn’t but i tried it now for you and it also doesn’t work :frowning:

Do you have a valid index.html file in your site folder?

When you try to view your site, what happens? You mentioned that it doesn’t work, but it’d be great if you could describe a bit more about what you’re expecting to see, and what you’re actually seeing.

Feel free to share the site URL too if you’re able. Thanks!

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The name is html.html but almost yes i know the HTML basics when i save the file
So [a href=“”]Here[/a] is teh site i am trying to make
Just click on ‘Here’ and you’ll go to the site and you’ll find the issue there saying
Page not found

The root of your site folder needs to contain a file named index.html in order for it to deploy.

Try renaming your existing HTML file to index.html

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The “Page Not Found” message means that Netlify is doing its part. As other posters have noted, you have to have an index.html file in the top level of your site to have the “bare” URL resolve – that is, to have it serve a page.

Check also that you haven’t uploaded all of your files inside a folder, which would mean that none of your files is at the top level. You can have files in folders, but at least the index.html file must be at the top level for the “bare” URL to present a page to the visitor.


Thank’s you very much !!
It worked with index.html but i want to know also can i change the folders at any time ?
And also can bring css.css and js.js files to the folder ?

In general, you can do anything that Jamstack sites allow.

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