SIte builds but not all files are present

New user here. I have a Hugo site, built with the R package blogdown. Locally it builds fine using Hugo 0.60.1 – 14 pages are created.

When I deploy, there is no complaint in the log file, but it only creates 6 pages, and the preview only contains the index header and footer, no content. Following links in the header leads to my custom 404.html so that file made it through.

After reading about some of the common issues, I set my environmental variable HUGO_VERSION to match what I have locally. This did not fix things.

I saw this page. I had originally cloned the Hugo theme, but eventually I deactivated the version control and removed all git files associated with the theme, and updated the git config file. The only remaining .git directory is at the top level.

My Netlify site is , the most recent deploy is and my GH repo is

EDIT: maybe this is related to mixed case files, which I do have?

EDIT 2: Not related to case. Problem seems to be related to .Rmd files which should be processed with rmarkdown not markdown… maybe a problem with the theme. Will investigate.

EDIT 3: My bad. I was not running build_site() locally before committing and pushing. It works now.

Hi, @BRYANHANSON, from the three edits, it appears that you resolved this on your own.

Thank you for sharing what you discovered with the community and this will hopefully be helpful to others in the future that search and find this post.