Setting up rewrites for micro frontend architecture

I’m having trouble understanding how to rewrite to different sites like is talked about in this blog post:

Basically, when the user goes to, for example, i want them to be taken to the Finnish Netlify site behind the scenes (rewrite).

I thought i’d connect the domain to one of the sites (lets say the swedish site) and then proxy requests under to the fi site (

After reading about proxying to other services, I tried this rewrite:


  from = "*"
  to = ""
  status = 200

But it gives me 404 errors in the console on when i navigate to* even though works fine.

Would love some help figuring out what i’m doing wrong!
Thank you for reading!

Hey @alexandereneroth,

We’ve responded to this in the helpdesk. Let us know where you’d like to continue the conversation.