Serving a stellar.toml file through the .well-known directory

Netlify app: cryptomovez
Issue: custom headers are not working in the netlify.toml file

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Stellar Stack Exchange - reactjs-netlify hosting stellar.toml

base = “crypto-movez/”
publish = “crypto-movez/build/”
command = “npm run-script build”

for = “/.well-known/stellar.toml”
Content-Type = “text/plain”
Access-Control-Allow-Origin = “*”

above is the content of the netlify.toml file. When the above route is visited, it is attempting to download the file. I just want it to return the file as plain/text

When i run a curl on the route I am recieving the following

Curl Response

This is reactJS app and I am trying to get things set up to be able to provide the information for the stellar network

as an update… when attempting a curl to the domain with prefixing https:// i am recieving the following response


issues has been cleared by creating a _headers file. for some reason the netlify.toml file was not providing the custom headers appropriately. Thanks!

thanks so much for the follow-up! We extremely appreciate folks that close the loop after finding a solution :slight_smile: