Server Integration Recommendation

I started my project as a CRA app that serves a front-end. The project has grown, and I now need a server (serverless functions can’t accomplish what I need to do). I’d like for the server to be a sub-directory in my CRA app. The server is Node/Express.

I know that unfortunately Netlify doesn’t support a configuration like this. I’m wondering if anyone else has a Netlify-deployed front-end, and a Node/Express server in the same repo, which is deployed on another platform. If so, which platform did you use and why? Is there a platform that works nicely specifically with Netlify?

hey samm, i’m not sure if we can give you too many recommendations, as we generally spend most of our time thinking about serverless and jamstack, but i do know that people who use netlify for frontend hosting sometimes will use heroku for things that require a server. :+1: good luck with your project!