Server file location not found in Remix app running i18next

We have an i18n feature running in our app (i18next) which takes its translation from a collection of json files. When running the app locally using the Netlify dev module and when running Cypress tests on pre-deployment on Netlify the files are successfully loaded and the translations work.
On the server when testing they are resolved to this path (en/common.json given as example): /opt/build/repo/public/locales/en/common.json
However when deployed the file path is resolved to: /var/task/public/locales/en/common.json
which results in the file not able to be loaded by the app.
Could anyone advise on this? Is there an extra step I should be doing when doing a production deployment to copy the files to the correct location?

Further to this, I’ve tried adding the included_files option to my netlify.toml (as detailed here: How to Include Files in Netlify Serverless Functions) to make the files available to the server. However this does not seem to work on local dev or when deployed.
The logger shows this error when building/deploying:

12:03:31 PM:   Error message
12:03:31 PM:   A Netlify Function failed to require one of its dependencies.
12:03:31 PM:   Please make sure it is present in the site's top-level "package.json".
12:03:31 PM:   In file "/opt/build/repo/.netlify/functions-internal/server.js"
12:03:31 PM:   Cannot find module './public/locales/en/common.json' from '/opt/build/repo/.netlify/functions-internal'

Hey @paul.crouch,

Could you try to include the file as explained here:

Thanks, in the end I got this to work as noted in the article.