Server error after successful deploy


I am able to get my code to work on my local machine, but after a successful deploy on Netlify it does give a 404 server error.

Any idea how I can figure this out or where I can see any logs? There’s nothing wrong in the deploy logs.



Hi there,

You should be able to access your build logs in the UI.

Without your site name I can’t assist you further but here is some documentation that might help you!

Hi @SamO as I said, the build seems fine.

Site ID: 319999d0-6e1d-4761-87e8-60af54b079d6

Hi @andylemaire

I just checked your site and it appears to be loading correctly. Were you able to resolve this issue yourself?

Hi @elden, no I wasn’t able to resolve the issue. It’s not the website but (a) specific page(s) which are failing.

Try visiting /producten/homeliften.

Hi, @andylemaire. This support guide has the solution:

If there are questions after reading that, please let us know.

That did the trick, thanks @luke!

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