Sending User Input without Backend using Netlify (and without using forms)

Here is a website:
The website contains a chat-bot which takes in user input and responds accordingly. For the longest time, I have been looking for a way I could save the logs/transcription of the chatbot of a user. I am only using Vanilla JavaScript, is it possible to do without a backend or using some Netlify resource?

Feel free to use the chatbot to get a sense of the information. For example, I want something similar to this:

User: Hi
Bot: (Hello there (or whatever response it gives))
User: Some other input
Bot: (Another response to that input)

to be able to access without the user knowing. I cannot just put it as a form as if I did, then the webpage reloads and the chat history is lost completely alongside notifying the user that a form was submitted. I want to avoid this. Does anyone know of a method or feature I can do for this issue?

If you’re looking to save the data to the users system in a somewhat temporary way where only they can access it, then you could use localStorage (Window.localStorage - Web APIs | MDN).

If you’re trying to save the data so it can be accessed elsewhere, then you’re going to need a backend of some kind to store the information.

If you don’t want to write back-end functions or make an API, then you could just use a front-end centric database system like Firebase / Firestore or Supabase.