Seeking Guidance on Enabling Caching and CDN for Astro Website Deployed on Netlify

Greetings! I’m a novice with Netlify and have recently developed a simple website using Astro, which I’ve deployed on Netlify. Despite the site being primarily composed of basic HTML content, I’ve noticed a slight delay in loading time. Upon inspecting the header, it appears that no cache has been set, as evidenced by this image


I’m unsure of the steps required to enable caching and CDN. For reference, here’s a snapshot of my Astro configuration file

import netlify from "@astrojs/netlify/functions";
export default defineConfig({
  adapter: netlify({ edgeMiddleware: true }),

Could anyone provide some guidance on this matter?

I’m seeing the correct cache control headers:

Plus, your website responded for me (without cache) within 10 ms

It probably won’t get any faster than that.