Section is not visible in deploy

Good day.
I don’t know why in firefox the right vertical column of the social network and scroll-up buttons is not visible. In the local version, the entire website is perfectly visible. On the other hand, in the version deployed in Netlify those buttons in the browser are simply not visible.
With other browsers, such as Chrome and Edge, the display is complete. It is also in mobile Firefox, but not in its desktop version.
Is it a deploy problem or am I forgetting something? The project is simple HTML, CSS and JS. Nothing else.
Here I leave a link to the repository and the deploy. I would appreciate any possible help.

Thank you very much for your time.

@Afalken I see that sidebar in both Chrome/Firefox on your Netlify deployed site and running your project locally.

What is the problem, then? I will check the version of the browser. I guess it’s the latter because it updates automatically. It only happens with desktop Firefox.
It is something very disconcerting.

I can’t advise what your problem is, especially as I cannot replicate it.

You could try using a system like to get a better understanding of how it’s performing under different situations.

finally got it! And possibly it is something that also affects more than one. Adblock Plus blocks the sidebar icons. Strange? Of course, but to take into account yes.
Thanks for the help!