Scheduled maintenance - brief downtime Oct 15th and 16th for Large Media, Identity, and Git Gateway

We will be performing scheduled maintenance of several services next week. We’ve listed services, timelines, and probable impact below. Note that we’ll also be updating our status page during all customer-facing maintenance (if any), so you can easily see the status in real-time.

On 15th Oct from 8:00-9:00 UTC, Identity logins will fail, and CMS edits made via Netlify’s git connector will not be possible. Duration is expected to be under 1 hour. Editors of content via Netlify CMS will see an error in the CMS UI when attempting to make any changes, and logins or token refreshes for Identity-gated content will fail, blocking access to visitors attempting to access Identity-gated content whose browsers do not have current, valid JWT’s.

On 16th Oct from 8:00-9:00 UTC, Large Media service (uploading new assets or serving to your visitors) will likely be partially unavailable. Duration is expected to be under 1 hour. During this maintenance, git lfs push to store or modify LFS assets will fail, meaning that we should enqueue no git-backed builds. Webhook builds will be able to “deploy” existing LFS resources in case there is a non-git-triggered deploy, though visitors will still not see those LFS assets during the maintenance.

Let us know if you have any questions below! We’ll be happy to discuss in more detail as needed.