Same URL, different content based on

Hi There!

I would like to have the same URL respond with different content, depending on the Content-Type header.

Is that possible via file based configuration?

Or, even better, if I just drop an index.js alongside a index.html, will that work?

Thank you, love netlify!

Hey @1cg

The only way I know of serving different content based the Content-Type request header is to use functions.

Can you offer more information about what it is you are trying to achieve?

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Thank you!

Basically I want a url,, to return html content if someone navigates to it, but return javascript if someone includes it via a script tag.

I was hoping there was some way to set up the default file based on the content type using the toml file: a function for just that probably isn’t worth it.

Thank you for the suggestion though!

This is not something configurable by a user. However, you can use redirects to some extent. If you call the URL like:

You can use redirects with query parameters to forward that to your JavaScript file.

i ended up making this work with two steps:

works perfectly, with the correct content-type taken from the redirect!

Thank you netlify!