Run script after build and write to disk


I’m wondering if the following is possible using Netlify:

Each time a deploy is triggered, Netlify builds my site. My site has a package.json file, and within it, a build task, which builds the contents to the /build directory, which Netlify serves from.

Is it possible during that build task, to run a script (in my codebase) which makes a network request and saves the contents to disk, maybe somewhere in the /build dir? The reason I want to do this is on my site:, I make a page load HTTP request to a Netlify Function which returns some JSON to my front-end. This data only changes once a day, but I’m hitting my Function every single time someone visits the site. My idea was to trigger a deploy once a day, have a script fetch the needed data, store it in, for example, data.json, and have my front-end just require() it in locally, vs making the HTTP request to my function.

tl;dr - can i run an async build task and have it write some data to disk which could be required()'d from my JS code?

Yes, for sure. As long as everything happens inside the build command execution (and doesn’t take forever), you should be able to pull data from the network and write it to the build folder.