Router not working in Vue.js after deploy in Netlify

Hi. I have the next problem:

  • My site here
  • It is build in Vue.js 2.5.2 However, when runing the site in localhost, everything works well.
    After deploing it in Netlifly links that use the Vue router (not external links) just do not go, showing a page not found (404 err).

I don’t get what is wrong. Thanks beforehand for the help.

:wave: @SEscobedo ,

I think this post may help: Vue router subdirectory links not working (SPA) - #2 by quickmoz

Let us know if that helps! :slight_smile:

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I consulted your link, and it worked.
However I had a little stepback with webpack in vue 2. I posted my problem and solution here.

Hey there, @SEscobedo :wave:

Thanks for following up and sharing your problem and solution! Happy building :rocket:

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