Rest API post call from blob object not working (blob object rendered correctly)

Hi community,
my app is gaining users and I’m facing the first issues which i didn’t expect.
I rely on a rest API for db and when i run the app from my local machine the whole db gets updated correctly when i add, edit or delete an entry, but from the netlify interface the json file doesn’t get updated properly, meaning all past entries get deleted and replaced with the new one, instead of adding it at the end of the db object.
The json doesn’t get truncated so i guess this ain’t a problem of connection/latencies, but i honestly don’t have clues of what’s going on because i don’t see any errors on the main website dashboard.
Anyone got the same error recently?

Hi, @jilt. We don’t let you run a database at Netlify but you can attach to one hosted outside of Netlify. There are Netlify Functions but they run in AWS Lambda and are short lived processes without persistence. We have a support guide about this here:

Unless you are connecting to a database hosted outside of Netlify, the behavior you are seeing it expected behavior. Would you please confirm exactly where the database itself is hosted?

Thanks for your answer, the db is hosted outside of netlify!
I’ll check the link, and thanks again :slight_smile: