Responsive breaking when deploying

My responsive design is breaking when I deploy the website, but when I open it locally everything works perfectly.
I used vite for creating a react app, with jsx and styled-components.

Your website looks responsive enough. In any case, Netlify doesn’t change your website’s responsiveness, so if it’s not working, please check your code.

@milkoviicc As @hrishikesh has pointed out, Netlify doesn’t change your websites responsiveness.

However when you say:
→ “I open it locally” you’re probably running your development command like npm run dev.
→ “I deploy the website” you’re probably running your build command like npm run build.

As with most SSG’s and build systems Vite does not do precisely the same thing under both circumstances.

So it won’t be Netlify changing your code, just your own build.

You will be able to debug locally by running your build command and serving with serve to look at the output.

You can try:
npm run build && npx serve -s dist