Rename [skip ci] or add [skip netlify] as an alias to [skip ci]

I want to skip all deploys and use a CI tool (in this case github actions) to run tests, linting, and other checks. After my CI build (on github actions) is green I will then trigger a deploy as a step in my CI.

Adding [skip ci] into my commit message will be confusing, as I’m still running a CI build on a different platform before triggering a deploy.

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Hi, @cdierkens. We do have an open feature request for exactly this. It was created in response to this community topic:

We’ll update both these topics if/when this becomes possible.

We’re still getting the docs updated, but this change is live now; [skip netlify] in the commit message should skip a build in the same way that [skip ci] does, as mentioned in our docs here . Please let us know if it doesn’t work well for you!

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What an amazing support team! Thanks for the attention to detail and the updates.

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