Rename site: will the old URL redirect?

I have an existing website that I didn’t name myself.
It just got an auto-generated name: heuristic-torvalds-3c6c99.
The problem is that this is also the site’s URL:

What happens when I rename this site?
I guess the URL will also change?
Will the old URL automatically redirect to the new one?
Or do I have to configure that myself?
Is that even possible?

Hi @johanvanmol :wave:t6: , welcome to the forums and thank you so much for reaching out.

Yes, if you rename the site in Netlify, the site’s URL will also change.

Unfortunately, the old URL ( will not automatically redirect to the new one. This is because the URL is tied to the site’s name, and changing the name changes the URL. As a result, visitors who try to access the old URL will receive a “Page not found” error. You will need to manually set up a redirect rule from your old URL to your new site.

Here is a super helpful guide for redirects to help you set this up!

Thank you for your feedback.
I managed to solve my problem, but not in an elegant way.

I wanted to redirect to

I renamed “heuristic-torvalds-3c6c99” to “geoit”.
The site was imediately available via gave a “site not found” error.

That also meant that this didn’t work:

(in netlify.toml):
from = “
to = “
status = 301
force = true

I had to create a new site, that reused the old name “heuristic-torvalds-3c6c99”,
and add the netlify.toml file there.

So now it works, but I have an extra Netlify site that only exists to redirect.
It’s completely empty, except for a netlify.toml file.

Thank you for sharing your solution. I’m curious; what happens when you delete the blank site,