Removing NETLIFY DNS entries


Site: heuristic-kilby-dea17c

My site used to be deployed at, using Netlify DNS. I decided to re-name it to and point the @ and www entries to a static landing page.

I was able to add the appropriate @ and www entries, but I can’t remove the previous NETLIFY type entries for @ and www. The apex domain resolves to Netlify rather than Github as intended.

What can I do to fix this?

I moved DNS back into Google Domains but that makes branch deploys a pain. Any insight into this would be appreciated.

Hi, @vitorpy. We have more information about the NETLIFY and NETLIFYv6 type DNS records here:

Please read that support guide above for an in-depth explanation of how these records behave with our service. The three key points there are summarized as:

  • These records are locked by default and can be unlocked by our support team.
  • These records only connect domain names to IP addresses.
  • These records do not control which site the domain name is linked to (if any).

I’ve unlocked all those records for the Netlify DNS zone now. You can delete those records if you choose to.

One last thing, the DNS zone should be deleted if it will not be made active again. Meaning, delete the whole zone not just individual records unless Netlify DNS is being used.

An unused DNS zone will cause issues renewing any automatic Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for this custom domain. Again, please either reactive or delete that DNS zone at Netlify.