Remix with edge returns 404 locally and fails build in pipeline

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run these commands to get this issue:
npx create-remix@latest --template netlify/remix-template

 Initialize a new git repository?

  deps   Install dependencies with npm?

  init   This template has a remix.init script. Do you want to run it?

? Run your Remix site with: Netlify Edge Functions
Installing additional dependencies with npm.

cd my-app
npm run dev

see 404.

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Hi there, thanks for reaching out! I see you have also submitted a ticket to our Help Desk – so we will continue this troubleshooting over there! I’ll connect the helpful information you’ve left for us here.


+1 on this issue. New project set up leads to 404 when selecting edge functions.

If not using edge functions project initializes as expected.

The response in the helpdesk:

Our team has spent some more time looking into this one but unfortunately hasn’t been able to reproduce the issue with the steps provided so far.

We’re still investigating this error, but for the next steps, if you would be open to providing us a copy of the repository in a zip file, it would help our engineers debug this issue further.