Remix SSE doesn't seems to work, 502

Hello !

I’m trying to make a simple chat using Remix and SSE and it doesn’t seems to work on Netlify (working in local)

Everytime my app is trying to subscribe to an eventStream it fails with this error :

error decoding lambda response: invalid status code returned from lambda: 0

Is it supposed to work on netlify or is it the wrong hosting for this use case ?

Here is the URL : if you want to see the network error by yourself
And here is the code : GitHub - Aerowiel/Agnos

Thanks in advance for your help !

You’re using Remix with AWS Lambda. Theyjust recently announced HTTP Response Streaming and Netlify is yet to implement it. If you need Response Streaming, you would have to take a look at Edge Functions: How to Use the Remix Framework with Edge Functions | Netlify Blog

Ok so i’m trying to make it work with edge functions now but i’m having a lot of trouble understanding what is going on…

Currently i’m facing this error : “Cannot assign to read only property ‘Z_BEST_COMPRESSION’ of object ‘#’”

During deployment, and it seems to be due to my createUserSession function (if i remove it, it works)

This line exactly : netlify-edge-test/app/routes/_index.tsx at 6b6876b11f18245417162fd6f11c6401ff2170c7 · Aerowiel/netlify-edge-test · GitHub

Any idea ?

Can you attach a link to the full log