Remix App / Netlify Functions / Proxy Redirect

Hi all, i’m attempting to setup a redirect from our main company website (let’s call it dotcom) that will redirect with a 200 to a demo app we’re building. We’d like the demo app to appear as though it lives on a dotcom domain.

dotcom is deployed to a Netlify pro team account and is built using Hugo.
The demo app is deployed to a different Netlify free tier account and is built using Remix.
The demo app uses Netllify functions has has its own redirects in a netlify.toml file.

The redirect is setup on dotcom like this.

/demos/name-of-demo/* 200!

and the .toml file for the app contains this.

  from = "/*"
  to = "/.netlify/functions/server"
  status = 200

When we visit the dotcom URL (/demos/name-of-demo) we’re seeing a 500 rather than a 404 which would suggest something is kinda working but we’re wondering if theres an issues with any of the following.

  • The demo app and dotcom are hosted on Netlify, but under two different accounts
  • The demo app has it’s own root level redirects for Serverless Functions
  • Can Remix / Serverless Functions be configured so the root level redirect isn’t required in the demo site’s .toml file?
  • Any other known issues when attempting to do something like this?

That’s the problem. We don’t allow proxy rewrites to be used on sites in two different accounts.