Redirects suddenly missing params between ReactApp & Functions API


All of the sudden, without any code changes, redirects stopped working between my react app en netlify function. (both are hosted on netlify).
For both projects the same behaviour, it always redirects to the root url and is missing the extra params all of the sudden.

Example… now redirects to while before it would redirect correctly.

Redirect file in root react app:

/api/* 200
/*    /index.html   200

It only messes up in combination. When i use the direct URL of the api the routing is working fine. The params only get lost when requested from the react-app redirect. Once again the problem started suddenly without code changes from my side on both projects at the same time.

Thanks in advance.
Greetings, javamu

Hi @javamu!

I’m going to need a bit more data to properly help you out. If I understood correctly, you have the following setup:

  1. react app (let’s call it app_1) hosted at Netlify that redirects to another app (let’s call it app_2).
  2. that redirect is to a function path
  3. in that scenario, you expect requests to to be redirected to

Is this scenario correct? Do you know when the behaviour changed?

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Hi Paulo,

Yes the situation you describe is correct. When i call app_1 - domain_app_1/api/attributes/1 it should redirect to app_2 - domain_app_2/api/attributes/1 but instead it only receives domain_app2/api/ suddenly.
I cant pinpoint the start date_time exactly, but I noticed the problem first around 3 days ago after complaints.

Hey @javamu

What if you change this


/api/* 200
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Yes that did the trick. Thanks!
Was this part of a breaking change in how netlify works with the _redirect file? It kinda worked without the :splat part before.

Thanks again!

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Hey @javamu,

The params should now persist even without splat. Something had changed and the fix for that has been implemented. Feel free to check out this:

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