Proxy redirect looses query parameters towards netlify function

Lately our proxy redirect settings are not able to read the incoming query parameters in the netlify function.
The proxy redirect still works, but the query params are empty in the request. This has stopped working since one week ago.

Not Working:

  from = "/sv-se/shop/*"
  to = ""
  status = 200
  force = true

What has been changed lately, or is my 1 year old proxy setting wrong?

According to the document this should not be a problem:

While our service automatically passes on all query string parameters to destination paths for redirects with 200 , 301 , and 302 HTTP status, you can also choose to define a redirect path based on a specific parameter or combination of parameters.

When proxying to a different application thats not on Netlify, the query parameters where available.
So its only when proxying to an other Netlify domain with an Netlify function.

Hey @raketwebbyra,

Are you able to access query parameters for rewrites on the same site? I think the query strings are not passed along with it’s a cross-site rewrite. It works fine for the same-site. Could you try that on your end too?

Yes! When rewriting from the same site it works as expected, but when there is a proxy rewrite first, the query params gets lost. And this has not been an issue before.

We’re seeing the same thing. This was working previously.

Hey all,

We’ve filed an issue for the engineers to look at this and we would update as things develop.


Just want to jump on the train and say its not just you, I’ve spent the entire morning trying to debug this problem that exists on a 10 month old working solution only to now find your post and realise its something on the netlify side

It seems like its started to work again, but it has not been confirmed by an Support Engineer yet :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

The fix for this was deployed across the CDN yesterday. Let us know if it’s still giving issues.

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