Redirect with query param

Hi, i have a site:

And i want to use rule like this one /* t=:value1 /:value1 302 in _redirects file.
so urls like will become
But by some reason its not working, can you help me figure out why
Thank you

Hi @bestcaliforniamovers,

Don’t you mean 301 instead of 302?

It might also be caching, try in another browser which you didn’t use yet.
Or maybe even try private browsing for testing purposes.



I wanted to test it for first time, with 302 and then use 301

Even this exact rule not working

/?t=123 /123

Can you help me please?
Thank you

Did you try to redirect by using the netlify.toml file yet?

@bestcaliforniamovers, you need to use 302! (the ! is important).

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@hrishikesh works with 302!, but now i got too many redirects. Cause redirect leave query params in url

Documantation says:

/store id=:id  /blog/:id  301

The following match redirects a URL like: /store?id=my-blog-post to /blog/my-blog-post with a 301 redirect. This affects request URLs with an id query parameter only.

But i got /blog/my-blog-post?id=my-blog-post

My rules looks like: /* t=:value1 /:value1 302!

Query params are preserved when redirecting unless you override them. So you ca change the redirect to:

/store id=:id /blog/:id?redirected=true 302!

or any other query param for that matter