Redirect path, without also redirecting sub-paths of said path

I have published my study-notes grouped by topic in subdirectories(/study-notes/{topic}/{article}) and I’m having issues redirecting the topic directory to the corresponding taxonomy list without redirecting the content pages themselves. e.g:

Taxonomy:Topic - ccie-ei
Content published under: /study-notes/ccie-ei/{article}
I want “/study-notes/ccie-ei/” and “/study-notes/ccie-ei” to redirect to “/topic/ccie-ei/”, withtout having “/study-notes/ccie-ei/article” redirect aswell.

Hi @torbbang,

Thanks for reaching out. Welcome to the Support Forums.

Have you seen our Support Guide here:

The guide answers a lot of questions on troubleshooting Redirects.

Can you tell us what redirects you’re currently using or which site has the redirects?