Redirect one owned domain to another owned domain

Hello all!

I have 1 domain that I want to redirect to another domain with Netlify. I thought I could add a _redirects file on the root and it would automatically redirect to the other domain.

Like so, 301!

But its not working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

That would only direct requests to literally to . That should work as far as it goes if:

  1. we are configured to serve domain1 on the site you deploy _redirects on.
  2. there is a valid SSL certificate for domain1 on the site you deploy _redirects on.
  3. you never expect visitors to use a URL like since that redirect ONLY handles the bare URL.

Would be useful to get a reference to your real site to examine the setup, but at least, you’ll want to use something like this instead:* 301!

…and you’ll want that to be the TOP redirect in your file since it needs to come before anything else.

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