_redirect not working

Dear Team,


my redirection was working fine before but not working recently.

hi there, can you say a little more, please? redirect from what to what? the more details the better. did you do a recent deploy?

Here my _redirect content and my custom domain is https://www.mindwelllabs.com

/              https://www.theaqapp.com 301
/index.html    https://www.theaqapp.com 301

hi, thanks. can you say a little more about how it is not working? what is the behaviour you were expecting to see?

When i visit mindwelllabs.com, it should redirect to theaqapp.com

It appears as though there is an index.html file on the mindwelllabs site, so to get the redirect to work you will have to force it with 301!.

You can also include meta refresh code on the mindwelllabs side (assuming you’re not deploying it from the same code base as theaqapp):

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=https://example.com/" />

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@gregraven It works thanks a lot.

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