Redirect has stopped working

I have a site that the dns is being managed by godaddy for a client (yes I’m sad too). It points to netlify via an ip address with an A record.

It was setup to be a simple blank site that redirects to their rebranded new domain. It’s literally just a hello world site with one netlify redirect. It was working fine for months and then I noticed today the redirect is no longer working and I can’t figure out why. Currently it just goes to the netlify hello world site, but no redirect happens.

hi there, welcome.
which site is this regarding? are your redirects being processed? :thinking:

How would I check if the redirects are being processed?

hi there, you can always check and see if your redirects are being processed by looking at the deploy summary. Here is an example from one of our sites:

You can see this by going to Deploys and then clicking on the last Published Deploy in the UI.

Yes according to the last deploy which was on Jan 9th, it says the redirect was processed

Hi, @j3ys5k, the behavior of redirects have changed. This happened on April 7th and there is more information about this here:

The redirect rule for this site is this:


All redirects are 301 redirects (not forced) by default if no status is given. So this was a redirect which used to be forced incorrectly (which is a bug) and we changed that behavior.

If you always want to force this redirect, you can do so by updating that rule like so:

/ 301!

You might also change this rule so any URL at the site redirects to the new domain with a wildcard like so:

/* 301!

That rule above will redirect all URLs for this site to the target (

Note, we did also email the account owner more than once about these changes before they took effect. I show the first email sent on Mar 12, 2020 at 11:22 am PST/PDT and that it was successfully delivered. The most recent email (April 1st) was “bounced” but the two emails before about this redirect change did get delivered successfully.

If there are other question about this, please let us know.

Ah I see. That answer solves it perfectly. Thank you for the thorough answer.