Redirect based on browser (aka: no one likes Internet Explorer)

Hi all,

We no longer support Internet Explorer on our platform and are now showing users a page informing them of this fact. Our current redirection is based on a Vue.js route middleware, but even maintaining support for a “we do not support IE” page has proved to be unnecessarily difficult.

Therefore, we’d like to have this redirection be made directly by netlify. From reading the documentation and these forums this does not seem to be possible, is it?

I have also added a comment to Expanding functionality of redirects


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We don’t currently have any intention of creating this feature, since it is an antipattern:

Nonetheless, I have added your request to the open feature request in case our team does implement it later, so I can give you that feedback in this thread (which will notify you via email with the default settings in our forums).

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It may be an antipattern, but sometimes it really is the best solution to sniff the browser version and redirect the user to a fallback page. For example, I know for a fact that some percentage of my visitors are using IE11, but I also know that the website doesn’t work on that browser (it not only looks like crap, but it really is unusable). Instead of letting the user stare at a broken website, I’d rather redirect them to a fallback page.

I know I can include a small bit of JS code on every page, and redirect users through that, but doing it globally through Netlify redirects would be much cleaner.

hi @wereHamster - totally get what you are saying. I don’t think the position of the powers that be is gonna change, but i’ve added your voice to the chorus for this. I just wish IE were not as terrible. :expressionless: