reCaptcha not working after deploying

I have deployed a Voting Dapp on netlify with source code . Recently, i added the feature of reCaptcha to this website. I want to tell that it working perfectly when i am running on localhost but the captcha isn’t even displaying when i am deploying it on netlify. PS: I am using google reCaptha v2.

I can see the reCAPTCHA

@skpkss I also see it without issue:

it’s not working for me. I tried with different browsers and multiple devices as well.

@skpkss It could be a potential race condition, been the page code and recaptcha code, since that’s not a static page.

If you’re following documentation that assumes it is a static html page you may want to research if anything special is required when implementing recaptcha with react.

@nathanmartin I waana tell that when i deployed it a week ago implementing the reCaptcha feature , it was working completely fine on both localhost and netlify.

@skpkss That’s cool, but I’m sure you’re aware that Netlify don’t make recaptcha and aren’t the ones hosting it.

It loads from:

They also aren’t responsible for your site code.

If you think there is something wrong on Netlify, do some tests to isolate it and prove it.

Which isn’t me brushing you off, it’s just the best way to get someone else to look into it.
If it’s a vague issue that others feel is probably just your site code, then they won’t spend time looking into it for you.

Me too! :smiley: I can see it no matter what. I can’t advise how to remedy an issue I can’t see.

I was able to get it to not appear intermittently, on inspecting the DOM the element was “there” (injected at runtime by react) but un-initialized, it sure feels like a race condition to me.