Recaptcha not loading correctly

Dear Sirs or Madams,
i created a repatcha contact form but the recaptcha is only visible when navigating directly to: if i navigate through the navigation to the “Kontakt” page the recaptcha won’t load. Is there a workaround?
Nuxt.js is used to generate the site.

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hi there, I am seeing the same thing you are seeing.

Does this problem exist when you are building locally? If yes, then that is going to be a nuxt specific issue. It not, then I’m not sure - sounds a little like a caching issue, maybe?

I wonder if there is anything here that might be helpful in here?

But definitely verify that it is working correctly locally first.

I tried both suggestions but none of them work. I also tested if it collides with the “@nuxtjs/pwa” plugin, but that also doesn’t seem to affect it…

Hi there, @Blackcatz1911 - thanks for your patience.

I would suggest that you try simplifying the site as much as possible, as maybe there is something unexpected that is interfering. Are you able to get recaptcha to work properly if you have a simple html site, for example?

We are running out of ideas a little bit, I am afraid - have you talked to other nuxt users about using recaptcha at all? You might ask here:

I solved the problem using ajax and an invisible recaptcha v3. I couldnt get it to work with the netlify recaptcha.

that’s frustrating, but thank you for sharing your solution!