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Reading static file in function

Hey! I’m trying to use a function that sends down a PDF to authenticated users.

I’m having problems reading the static PDF file when my function is deployed. I even found this example: https://github.com/netlify/function-deploy-test/blob/master/lambda/zipped-function/zipped-function.js

I copied this example line for line (and file for file) and this guy https://github.com/netlify/function-deploy-test/blob/master/lambda/zipped-function/zipped-function.js#L10
still prints “undefined” in the logs.


Hey @shayneo,
I’m not sure what’s missing in that example, but you may be able to try something like this:

The deployed function that sends down a pdf is here: https://examples.netlify.horse/.netlify/functions/send-down-pdf

The main difference is that your netlify.toml would probably be less complicated :slight_smile: If you want your function to have its own dependencies aside from the root package.json, you’d do something like this:

# netlify.toml
functions = "func"
command = "cd func/send-down-pdf/ && npm install"

Let us know if that helps or if you have other questions.


Thank you, my use case was a mailer function with a transactional html email template for a gatsby site which worked in dev but not after deploy. I spent 3 days on this issue because I could not find any clear documentation on how to load files with functions for a gatsby site. First I used netlify-lambda which led me nowhere, finally today I switched to netlify-cli and implemented your solution and it worked! I am sharing here my netlify.toml for reference.

publish = "public"
functions = "functions"
command = "gatsby build && cd functions/mailer/ && npm install"
command = "gatsby develop"

thanks a bunch for sharing, and glad it is working now for you!