Questions about “Page not found” issues

I am trying deploy my website.
I have a index page and I have linked other html pages to it. The linking pages works just fine on my local path(I am using a relative path within the href tag). But after deploying the site I can only open the index page other linked pages give my page not found 404 error.
my index page:
linked page:

Can someone let me know how to resolve this as I am new to all these things

Hi, @KalyaniAditya. This topic was split off from this support guide where this question was posted originally.

Did you try downloading the deployment zip file? If so, you will that this file doesn’t exist in the deployment:


These two files do exists:

  • /a_login/login.html
  • /login.html

And, because of this, these two URLs do work:

In order for the linked page to work, the file /FinalDeploy/login.html needs to be deployed first. If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.