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Question about privacy and data using Netlify Functions

I was planning on using Netlify Functions in a static website to allow sign ups to email newsletter provider (submitting to their api).

If someone submits their name and email, is that data going to be stored/logged anywhere before reaching its desired destination?

The reason why I thought of Netlify Functions was to be able to hide and use the API key of the newsletter provider but I couldn’t work out if any data passed through could be stored anywhere but this newsletter provider.

Thanks everyone!

Hi @anarodrigues,

AWS Lambda functions use volatile storage, so the data is gone after the timeout or execution of the function.

Moreover, when you store the email or other data in a variable (var, let or const), it’s never written to disk (unless you manually do it using fs.writeFileSync() or something) - it’s always stored in RAM which is volatile in probably all systems.

Plus, if you use closures correctly, the value of the variable won’t be accessible easily outside the scope of the function.

With all that, I think it’s safe to say that this data is not logged anywhere, however if you use console.log() for the email, that data might get logged in Netlify’s console which might not be what you want.